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Day of the Living Ales

24 Jan


This is another must attend if you can.  Here is the description taken from the site.

Day of the Living Ales – March 2nd (Session I  – 1pm, Session II – 6pm)

The national drink of Great Britain, cask conditioned ales have been served for centuries.  Before brewers fell in love with artificial carbonation and filtering, beer was naturally conditioned by yeast in the cask, and served at a temperature warm enough to actually taste the beer.  A properly served cask ale is neither cloudy, flat, nor warm; rather it is bright, with a gentle carbonation, and served at cellar temperature.

Sample a vast array of different beers at our walk-around tasting featuring the best cask conditioned ales from Chicagoland breweries and specially selected guests, plus fine meats, cheeses, and other appetizers.  Casks are handled by the Chicago Beer Society’s own experienced cellarmen, trained in the UK to care for and serve real ale.  Attendees will select from among the beers The Champion Real of Chicagoland for 2013!

Day of the Living Ale tickets will go on sale at 9:00am on 01/31/13.  This is a can’t miss event and tickets will sell out in minutes.  See you there.


BCS Tap Release

18 Jan

So I was lucky enough to taste both Goose Island’s Bourbon County Baudoinia and Coffee stouts side by side last night. Surprisingly at the up and coming Cellar Door in downtown Downers Grove. Their beer guy Ryan is doing cool things. One of them being the tapping of both these great beers side by side.

First, I have had the pleasure of having Baudoinia a few times. It is extremely similar to regular BCS with a little funk or dryness at the end. I feel this really adds a nice twist to an already very tasty beer.
Coffee, well, is very cofeeey. Not a word, I know, but that is the best way I can say it. The aroma, the bitterness, is like having your first daily cup. Which I don’t drink by the way. What I did next might be considered genius or blasphemy depending on your beer geekness. I had them pour me an equal blend of both. 1 word HEAVEN! The edge was taken off of the coffee and the flavors melded together perfectly.
If you can try this combo DO IT! You won’t be disappointed.
The only issue I had was when the tab came. $9 and $10 pours is steep. Tasty but steep.

Bells Hopslam

16 Jan

Bells Hopslam
Double IPA

Hopslam is here.  Its that time of year.  One of the top double IPA’s on the market.  Should be out and not too tough to locate this year.  Don’t forget, its best when fresh.

A release of a different type…

15 Jan

Southern Tier FINALLY has their simple but cool bottle cap sign available for sale. Have seen this at a few beer bars and always thought it would look good in my room/bar/cave or whatever venacular you use. One of the main reasons is that it comes out from the wall giving it a fuller look. I have been on the hunt for awhile to no avail. Well, the hunt is over.

Check it out.


13 Jan

Is Founder’s Black Party. For those of us not able to make KBS release this is a close second. I am planning to go.

Black Ops

12 Jan

DO NOT buy this beer. Highly rated but REALLY thin. Jay and I both left bottles at the counter and did not purchase. Not worth the $22 price tag. Wanted you to know because they are just hitting the market.
Odds are Donnie already has 6 bottles;)
On another Black Note should be coming next week with Hopslam in limited quantity 4packs. That one you should get.

Kzoo Beer Week

6 Jan

For all of my Michigan Bretheren Kalamazoo Beer Week is 1/12-1/18. Beer Week+Hopslam release=GREAT TIMES!!!!!!