BCS Tap Release

18 Jan

So I was lucky enough to taste both Goose Island’s Bourbon County Baudoinia and Coffee stouts side by side last night. Surprisingly at the up and coming Cellar Door in downtown Downers Grove. Their beer guy Ryan is doing cool things. One of them being the tapping of both these great beers side by side.

First, I have had the pleasure of having Baudoinia a few times. It is extremely similar to regular BCS with a little funk or dryness at the end. I feel this really adds a nice twist to an already very tasty beer.
Coffee, well, is very cofeeey. Not a word, I know, but that is the best way I can say it. The aroma, the bitterness, is like having your first daily cup. Which I don’t drink by the way. What I did next might be considered genius or blasphemy depending on your beer geekness. I had them pour me an equal blend of both. 1 word HEAVEN! The edge was taken off of the coffee and the flavors melded together perfectly.
If you can try this combo DO IT! You won’t be disappointed.
The only issue I had was when the tab came. $9 and $10 pours is steep. Tasty but steep.


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